Leslie Morris Noyes - Blood Lichen Musings

Blood Lichen

Blood Lichen is how locals identified this amazing pink lichen when I exclaimed over it. If you look up blood lichen, however, you won’t find this one. You will need to look up Cryptothecia Rurocincta, or Christmas Lichen. “Blood lichen” has a nice, slightly gothic Southern ring that I enjoy, so that’s how I refer to it in Willing. This lichen only grows in tropical coastal areas. On the East Coast, you can find it growing in North Carolina down through Florida and into South America. No matter how many times I come across this improbably hot pink lichen while visiting coastal Georgia, it startles and delights me. This photo was taken at the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation where you will see the lichen on the bark of the ancient oaks all over the property.

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